Makeup Air Units FYI

The purpose of a makeup air unit is to make the kitchen environment more comfortable overall. What exactly does a makeup air unit do for your commercial kitchen? How does a makeup air unit work? Do I need one for my commercial business? We will walk you through the answers to those questions with this makeup air units FYI.

Why Do I Need to Install a Makeup Air Unit?

When building or remodeling a space, restaurant and commercial kitchen owners must consider what type of ventilation equipment they need to get rid of grease, smoke, and polluted air. That’s where the makeup air unit comes in. The commercial kitchen ventilation system pulls the dangerous elements out and then the makeup unit replenishes the space with clean, breathable air.

How Does a Makeup Air Unit Work?

A makeup air unit is a large fan that brings in 90 percent of the makeup air supply needed to keep your kitchen space comfortable. The exhaust hoods in the kitchen that are used with cooktops, pizza ovens, fryers, and dishwashers suck the dirty air out and then the makeup air unit takes clean air from outdoors to replace it. Some exhaust hoods can remove thousands of cubic feet of air every minute, which makes a makeup air unit even more important.

Should l Install a Makeup Air Unit?

Yes! The main and most important reason to install a makeup air unit is to obey various laws and design codes for commercial kitchens. The ICC’s International Mechanical Code states, “Makeup air shall be supplied during the operation of commercial kitchen exhaust systems that are provided for commercial cooking appliances.” There are also requirements for makeup air temperature, compensating hoods, and air balance. Each city has its own building codes, so it’s always a good idea to double check with them before installing commercial or industrial ventilation equipment.

Lack of replacement air leads to lack of control over the airflow of your ventilation system, which can then lead to larger problems. Air quality will diminish, extreme temperature variances will occur, and unpleasant odors or even smoke could stay in the kitchen area. These issues create an uncomfortable environment for your employees and customers, as well as increase your energy bills and add time to the cleaning process.

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